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He and She

I'm sure you could imagine,
It's as simple as can be,
The place is very common
the place for he and she.
she whispers, "will it hurt?"
"or course not", he replied,
it won't hurt a bit
on me you can rely.
I'm getting rather frightened,
I've never done this before.
He continued to convince her
as he shut the door.
Now calm yourself my darling,
as he displayed a little grin.
Just open a little wider
and let me put it in.
It's getting rather painful
the tears were in her eyes.
It's hurting very badly
it must be quite a size.
Suddenly she jumped up
and gave a little shout
and then that very minute
she said, "I'm glad you pulled it out!"
If you listen very carefully,
It's a dentist you will find.
It's not what your thinking,
It's just your dirty mind!

Aati thi

aati thi.... jaati thi...

hansti thi.... hansati thi...

bhagti thi.... bhagati thi...

bolti thi.... bulwati thi...

aaj pata chala saali ullu banati thi....

Wo aur Mein

Wo sadak ke is paar thi, main sadak ke us par tha
Kuch main aage badha, kuch Wo aage badhi
Main kuch aur aage badha, Wo bhi kuch aur aage badhi
Main kuch aur aage badha, Wo bhi kuch aur aage badhi
Ab main sadak ke us par tha, aur Wo sadak ke is par thi.

Tumhare Lein

Har khushi ko teri taraf mod doon,
tere liye chand taare tod doon.
Khushiyon ke darwaze tere liye khol doon
Itna kafi hai motu
Ya do chaar jhooth aur bol doon






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