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Nepali Jokes Page #2 (08-13)

s~h';       kl08thL, w'dlkm/ gu/L l;w} :ju{ hfg] af6f] b]vfpg'xf]; g .

kl08t       lsg < w'dlkm/ ub} uP s] x'G5 <

s~h';      ef8f w]/} nfU5 lg .

dflnSgL       -gf]s/nfO{_ d"v{ Tof] b"w eft ;'ufnfO{ b] eg]sL lyFP . t}n] t la/fnf]nfO{ kf] lbO5;\ .

gf]s/    s] ug'{ dflnSgL . b"weft t ;'uf;Dd k'ofpg] h'lQm t lgsfNg} kof]{ . ;'ufnfo{ ev{/} oxL la/fnf]n] lglnlbof] .

/fd'          afaf ef]lnb]lv xfdL wgL x'g] eof} .

afaf         s;/L <

/fd'          ef]lnb]lv Dofy kbfpg] ld;n] k};fn] ?lkofF agfpg l;sfpF5' eGg'ePsf] 5 .

a'jf          5f]/f ltdLn] d]/f] lr7Lsf] hjfkm lsg glbPsf] <

5f]/f         tkfO{n] cfkm"eGbf 7"nfnfO{ hjfkm gkmsf{pg' eGg'ePsf] lyof] To;}n] .

Ps hdfgfdf ofba hL / nfn"kft] hL sf] 3lgi6 ldqtf lyof] . To;} a]nfsf] s"/f xf] Ps lbg nfn"kft] hLn] ofba hL ;+u b'O ;o ?k}of dfUg' eP5 . sQL k};f dfq} dfuL /xG5 egL /L;fpb}, lbGg hf eGg' eP5 . To;k5L nfn"kft] hL nfO gLx' k'u]sf] cgL s] rflxGYof] .
To;k5L nfn"kft] hL kmlGsP/ aflx/ lg:sg' eof] / ;f]dm} sflndf6Lsf] Pp6f ddM k;ndf k:g' eP5 . leq k;L;s]k5L 7'nf] :j/ agfpb} ddM a]rL/x]sf] dfG5]nfO cf}Nofpb} eGg' eP5, {cf] bfO, Ps Kn]6 ddM lbg' t l566f], cfh t aafn x'G5 x'G5 . {
Tof] dfG5]n] ddM lbG5 / nfn"kft] hL n] Ps} dmf]sdf t'?Gt} ;f] ddM vfO l;Wofp5g / km]/L cfh t aafn x'G5 x'G5 eGb} csf]{ Kn]6 dfu]5g .

s] xf] To:tf]eGb} ddM k;n] n] csf]{ Kn]6 lbP5 .

x'bf x'bf w]/} a]/ ;Dd sf/0f g} gegL nfn"kft] hL n] b;f} Kn]6 h:tf]vfO;s]5g . ddM k;nsf] bLdfu v/fa .

TotLs}df ofba hL kgL of] df]/f] nfn"kft] stf uP5 eGb}vf]Hbf vf]Hb} ToxL cfOk'Ug' eP5 .

ofba hLnfO b]Vn] lalQs} km]/L nfn"kft] hLn] cfh t aafn x'G5 x'G5 eGb} c? b'O Kn]6 dfUg' eP5 . oxf gL/ Tof] ddM k;n]sf] ctL g} bLdfu v/fa eP5 / hf]l;b}, { s] sf] aafn, s:tf] aafn x'g]jfnf xf] < ca t sf/0f geg];Dd lbGg { eg]5 .

To;k5L nfn"kft] hLn] udSs k/]/ eGg' eP5, {tkfO ;+u lsgsL xfdL;+u k};f 5}g . {
ofba hL a]xf]; .



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