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Welcome to our funny letters section. This section contains some very very funny letters we found on magazines and on the internet. All these funny letters are fictitious but they would be great to send to people. We have funny informal letters, funny love letters, funny official letters and more...So enjoy them!
Funny Letters #2
A man loved a girl who studies computer science. He sent her a love letter saying LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY COMPUTER
Believe me it's true...You installed the best in me. Your picture is always in my hearts as wallpaper. You clicked my heart gently. You drive me crazy when I see you. Your love resets my life and deleted all the sadness in me. You restored kindness after I thought it was corrupted.

I'm always connected to you with more than 75 heartbeats per minute. You hacked my brain and registered your name in it. You are the only one that could navigate my feelings and explore my emotions at the same time. I feel lost when I try to call you and not responding.

I always feel you close to me when I shut down my eyes, or when I open my windows waiting for you

to log in. You are the only one that can sign in to my heart and never sign-out. I dream of being your server as long as I live. You don't have to search for me, cause we are always linked to each other. I see your name everywhere. in my FrontPage, in my homepage and all my softwares. I scanned my life and found that I'm only infected by you. You are the virus I'd never remove, and why should I do? You formatted my life and added happiness to view.

Believe me it's true....

I love you more than my CPU !!!!!!!!





















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