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A warm welcome to www.humjayega.tk , site established in tribute to humjayega, the legend of jokes and humorous pieces.

Most of you might have heard at least one joke of Hum Jayega in your life. If you are a joke loving person, then you know what role Hum Jayega’s jokes play in world of Nepali jokes.

Although many of us have heard many jokes of Hum Jayega and admired them, very few of us know who Hum Jayega really was. Most of us don’t know whether Hum Jayega was a fictional character or a real person. Most of us think, he was a fictional character.Please sign the guestbook and let us know your valuable comments!

We were non different. Although we had heard many jokes of Hum Jayega, we didn’t know who he was. We searched the4 internet for Nepali jokes and Hum Jayega’s jokes but the result weren’t satisfactory. There was only one site dedicating a page for Hum Jayega (jokes only...) and all the other results shown by search engines were the forums where Hum Jayega had been mentioned with very few jokes….


So, we thought of knowing the reality about Hum Jayega and establishing website/homepage in his name s a tribute to him. We searched for information regarding Hum Jayega through different means. Finally we found an article / short biography of Hum Jayega in a Nepali magazine. We translated it, asked every person we found for Hum Jayega’s jokes, collected the jokes found over the internet and finally we made this site which you are viewing. We published this site on 1st May, 2006.

Today we claim to have the largest collection of Hum Jayega's jokes, largest collection of Sardarji jokes, largest collection of nepali jokes, and the largest collection of corporate Humour on the web. Besides these we also have profession jokes such as doctor jokes, nurse jokes, lawyer jokes, military jokes. Funny proverbs include remix of classic nepali proverbs, Chinese proverbs and English proverbs. Funny letters include formal and personal funny letters.

And we have the funny poll with such a awkward question with more awkward answers which you find funny to answer.

The only source for Hum Jayega’s biography was an article published in a monthly magazine in 1996, so we don’t claim that 100% of the biography is the ultimate truth. If you have any information regarding Hum Jayega’s biography or his pictures or any jokes, send to us at humjayega@mail.com. We will publish them with your name.

Hum Jayega’s jokes mentioned in this site, are either told by Hum Jayega himself or are found being told by people using his name. The jokes were collected from different sources such as magazines, internet pages, forums, nepali joke books, people etc.

If you have any Hum Jayega’s jokes, funny proverbs, Sardarji jokes, nepali jokes or any other jokes, please send to us at humjayega@mail.com.

At last, we would like to thank you for visiting this site. Please support us buy signing our guestbook and sending us jokes. And please tell all your friends about this site! Let’s honor the legend of jokes and share laughs!



Some clarifications:
  • Some Hum Jayega's jokes in this site might have been heard by you with a different person's name. The original form and the name of the such jokes is not certain. So  they have been used with Hum Jayega's name because people are found telling these jokes with Hum Jayega's name.

  • The funny pictures were obtained from the internet sites and according to our information they aren't copyrighted. If you know about their copyright please inform us with convincing evidences.
  • Please make sure that your are old enough (18 years or older) while entering the dirty jokes pages and little Johnny jokes pages. These jokes may contain explicit language and content and hence may be offensive to some people!

  • Most of the articles in "corporate humour" section have been taken from newspaper articles and the net sites.Corporate humour refers to the humour related with the office environment and work place.

  • We accept jokes fitted in all of the above categories plus miscellaneous jokes. We currently don't accept any Yo Mamma jokes. Jokes received from the visitors will be placed with the visitor's name in the jokes by the visitors section. Nepali jokes from the visitors will be highly appreciated.


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